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“Second Month” maimone mixtake for the 14th

February 1, 2012

This months mixtake stands apart from the others – It lacks the my music is cooler than your music snobbery, contains no future pop hits, clever indie hooks or mindless fun summer songs.   This one is far more personal, focused, linear

Click THIS or the image below to download

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If you shop at the mall, enjoy going to new supermarkets, eat at chain restaurants, chew gum, drink Coors Light, wish you drove a BMW, plan Caribbean vacations, blow your leaves instead of raking them, roll your toilet paper under (not over), yell at your wife, then don’t download this mix



January 10, 2012

A ten song thirty-eight minute, Carpe that fucking Diem, music mix

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november soon

November 10, 2011

Sonic evidence of my new found optimism can be found on this eight song collection titled november soonClick here or on the image below to download.


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uninnocent fall into an unmagnificent life

June 17, 2011

Ten Songs (nine are great, one is mine) 32 minutes, enjoy!

Click image to download via mediafire

Click image to download via mediafire


Take a Chance (may’s maimone mixtake)

May 3, 2011

Sunny little seven song mixtake

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Download the 7 song, 23 minute, 42MB mixtake


stealing tomorrow from today

January 7, 2011

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A short four song compilation featuring the new song from Iron and Wine.   As always, if you like any of the songs please consider purchasing them.


A Vapid Reprieve, Best of Year Mix

December 20, 2010

As months go December is far more  jam packed with annoying customs than any other month, one example of this is the never ending “Best of ….” lists.   Allow me to clutter the field as I wish to share the songs which impressed me most in 2010.

Click this LINK or the IMAGE below to download

This is a 9 song, 25 minute mix.  The download file is 50mb and is hosted on mediacfire.

Most of the artists on this mix are independent artists.   If you enjoy any of these songs please consider purchasing their music.  Thank you and enjoy.