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First Aid Kit

January 23, 2012

On the surface  First Aid Kit won most of my imaginary least likely musical superlatives based on the superficial fact that they are:   A) Teenage sisters  B)  From Sweden  C) Labeled a”Country” music act  D) Unimaginatively generic sounding band name

It took reading a couple of impressive album reviews written by independent music publications that have rarely been wrong (Under the Radar, Pitchfork) and ultimately falling in love with their vintage album cover art to convince me to hit play.

Click on image for a brief sample

The record reviews were spot on, these girls are selling laid-back pastoral whimsy seventies-inspired folk, devastating ballads and watertight melodies to a musicscape poisoned by the pollution of Lady Gaga.

I listened to the entire album front to back ten times in a row, each time picking a new favorite song – I imagining how it might have felt to hear an advance copy of the Carole King classic ‘Tapestry” and knowing… JUST KNOWING the impact it would have  …wishing that you could hold on to the secret just a bit longer.

“The Lion’s Roar” can be purchased on January 24th