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Queer as a 3 Dollar Coin

November 8, 2011

I must have looked like a desperate crazed drug addict frantically tearing apart my home looking for a fix.   Every drawer tossed, every underneath checked.  This was about 12 hours into my ordeal.

Over the last few days an undefined notion had been rattling around in and out of my sub-brain,  masquerading as persistent déjà vu or maybe even a side effect from some medication.  I was at the Jack in the Box drive-thru ordering breakfast digging for exact change when it all came rushing to the forefront – I’VE  BEEN THINKING ABOUT A $3 COIN – its so clear now –  I had held it, studied it, marveled at its weight and flipped it a dozen times

However the accomplishment of solving my déjà vu was short lived… WTF a $3 coin, this is sort of a big deal, why isn’t this on the news?  Was it real or part of a vivid/lucid dream?  I’ve studied lucid dreaming enough to know that the key determinations as to whether you are awake or dreaming is if you can see numbers, apparently no one can see numbers in their dreams.  The fact that I knew it the coins denomination triggered what would become knows as “The Great Freakout of 2011”

I couldn’t recall specifically when or where I was given the coin or where the coin had gone, I certainly would not have had the balls to try and buy something with it.  I made a couple of calls that went like this “Hey, have you seen those new $3 coins? …really….there’s no such thing?  are you sure?  OK, well never mind“.  No joke, I even called a local bank.

I wrote off my advisers as small minded and ill informed, confident that Google would have my back..   5, 10, 20 pages deep and nothing whatsoever in Google about a $3 coin in active circulation.  I suck at math maybe it was a $2 coin, or perhaps maybe $4…. that’s a mistake I could have made but again I found nothing.

I’d shown a friend the coin, it sparked a conversation about $2 bills, surely he’d remember, when  I called to confirm existence… “….sorry dude, no idea whatchyour talkin about” – this is when the story gets murky

OK, get a grip Daniel…no big deal, so  you imagined a coin,  you’ve got a colorful imagination, it’s not a great leap to think that you are now entertaining yourself with elaborate fabrications, unless of course maybe its the early stages of dementia or schizophrenic, hold on …Aren’t men prone to schizophrenia in their mid 30’s?  You cannot be a schizophrenic!  That involves being a burden on others and seeing that you’ve alienated virtually anyone who might give a shit if you took your meds or not that leaves suicide….but how would I do it?  Should I wait until the symptoms get worse?  That coin was pretty goddamn real… how much more proof do you need?

I took a break from my “Ways to  kill yourself” Google searches and did a search for “Counterfeit Coins in Northern California”.  A couple of pages deep I found an article about some hippie community group who pressed a small run of $3 coins, accepted by 17 small business’s in Marin County.   I received the coin as change at a farmers market, I  remember the girl asking if I wanted bills or a $3 coin… easy choice “give me the coin!’ mesmerized by this gigantic gold coin I apparently blocked out any instruction she gave as to how to properly use it.

The coin is now lost… this is neither a surprise or a mystery.