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there’s no app for that

January 27, 2012

I theorized that if you are touching down in New Jersey on a Sunday,  3,000 miles from home and less than half way through an exhausting four month “business trip”, this may not be best of weeks.  Monday saw someone step on my laptop, obliterating the screen and cementing my theory  (get it?  New Jersey…cement)

 There’s no app for that




January 5, 2012

Free website / app – You provide the image, they bring the magic

Click image to visit site


Mom is an AUTO EVERYTHING Pro Photographer

November 13, 2011

The slippery slope of becoming a wannabe “Pro Photographer” that starts with the rule of 1 in 1,000

With the advent of digital SLR cameras for under $500 every mom with a camera takes 1,000 pictures of their child, 1 of those pictures is pretty good and when shown to a friend or family member she hears the golden words “that shot is great…you have a real knack for photography” and so the journey begins.

Without any inkling of ISO, shutter speed, aperture, color balance, lighting, composition…any thought at all (AUTO EVERYTHING) mom thinks she has actual talent.

Through the marketing avenues of friends she books a few gigs shooting babies on bedsheets with gerber daisies, wearing funny hats, hanging in cheese cloth, hands shaped in the form of hearts on expecting bellies, bad lighting, composition and exposure, but the ability to “sell it as art” since she’s now a pro shooter.

The CAMERA SIM website that allows you to practice taking shots in different conditions, adjusting the various manual settings to give you an idea of how your professional camera actually works.


Dear Future Me

November 7, 2011 – A free web tool for those who agree that memories are less accurate than e-mails.  Usually, it’s the future that will reflect back on the present.  FutureMe  flips that all around.  Send yourself a message to be delivered at any time in the future to the future you.

This particular future message arrived too late



pigs in a cage ….on antibiotics

October 27, 2011


Urban Hack Attack

July 26, 2011

Likely a fake but every inch of me respects the spirit of this clip.

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Straight to the Slurpee with Contact Help

July 13, 2011

Another example of don’t know whatcha got til its gone… Remember calling customer support and talking with an Indian (slurpee, not casino) who read from a script in broken English?  Those were the good ole days!  Now we have to navigate an animated multiple question pre-support questionnaire (often littered with advertisements and surveys) just to speak to the same guy in Mumbai.

A common bypass to this annoyance was to repeatedly press zero, however this is not always the case.  Before I try calling AT&T or Comcast I always check the free website   This site provides information on reaching a “real person” in custom support for most major companies.

This is how you would reach a real person at Verizon Wireless…

Get a live person at Verizon Wireless