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in Humboldt

July 17, 2011

Exploring the Lost Coast and Redwood groves of Humboldt County California


Blood on Bodega

June 25, 2011

Today a “dog” died on Bodega Avenue

I was pedaling up Bodega when I spotted two skinny jeaned hipster types awkwardly fumbling for a tiny rodent sized creature.  I had my headphones on and did not hear any of the commotion but I did feel something wettish and toothy on my left foot.   This little rodent dog* had chased me, successfully, and was now nipping at my flip flopped foot.

I squeezed my brakes and he overran me, I swung to the outside with the intention of crossing.  He kept coming and I was not able to spin my head and check for traffic so I sped up and swung back to the inside. I must have been wearing him out because he took a wide turn, far too wide and right under the front wheel of a passing car, reducing it to a small furry maroon patch on Bodega Avenue.

* Turns out that the rodent dog was a bichon frise



search party of one getting lost

June 18, 2011

Even when this city is haunting me, my weariness is wanting me and my wickedness wants to breathe I search til I can no more.

A woeful tale of the search party of one getting lost and his $2,000 key


unexpected and overdue

June 11, 2011

An unexpected and overdue visit from an old friend completes my transformation

Saab joins me in California


leaned away

June 6, 2011

Looking for somewhere to stand and stay, I leaned on the wall and the wall leaned away



Good Stories

May 12, 2011

bad decisions make good stories


Salt Point

May 2, 2011

Salt Point State Park

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