Holiday Challenge

November 27, 2011

I plan on conducting a social experiment this month, I intend to ignore the “Christmas” holiday.

Christmas joy has completely escaped me over the past several years.  Rather then enduring the holiday process only to find myself once again feeling depressed or isolated, I’ve chosen to examine and challenge my beliefs.

Reasons why I’m choosing to ignore the Holiday 

1) It is a religious holiday, I am not religious

2) It is a a children’s holiday, I am not a child or a parent

3) The divisive and ultimately pointless “Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holiday Debate”  including the idiot who mentions Kwanza, because they still think its funny – it isn’t funny!  it’s tired!

4) Capitalism, in particular Black Friday Doorbusters, the high holiday of all things greedy.  Corporations use every trick they have to turn a profit and millions of people stand in long lines to dutifully swallow the punch


Things which I do enjoy about this time of year and plan to continuing enjoying:  The original Charlie Brown Christmas, an understated Christmas tree, the tasteful use of white lights outside of a home, the concept of caroling and the song “It’s Christmas, Baby Please Come Home”, which just about breaks my heart every time I hear it.



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