Mom is an AUTO EVERYTHING Pro Photographer

November 13, 2011

The slippery slope of becoming a wannabe “Pro Photographer” that starts with the rule of 1 in 1,000

With the advent of digital SLR cameras for under $500 every mom with a camera takes 1,000 pictures of their child, 1 of those pictures is pretty good and when shown to a friend or family member she hears the golden words “that shot is great…you have a real knack for photography” and so the journey begins.

Without any inkling of ISO, shutter speed, aperture, color balance, lighting, composition…any thought at all (AUTO EVERYTHING) mom thinks she has actual talent.

Through the marketing avenues of friends she books a few gigs shooting babies on bedsheets with gerber daisies, wearing funny hats, hanging in cheese cloth, hands shaped in the form of hearts on expecting bellies, bad lighting, composition and exposure, but the ability to “sell it as art” since she’s now a pro shooter.

The CAMERA SIM website that allows you to practice taking shots in different conditions, adjusting the various manual settings to give you an idea of how your professional camera actually works.


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