October 12, 2011

Before you write your next word, snap your next photo or whatever it is that you think makes you creative. know this Almost everything I’ve ever done has been done better, before me, by someone else – this is true and its applies to all of us.

Everyone has a voice now – everyone has a camera, too …and  every picture at every monument has been taken better by someone with better equipment.  The picture itself is no longer interesting, because it has been taken already and is available on Google images

Objectivity is not useful and the information is not what is interesting to most people – the story is.  The story is something that people can relate to.  The subjective and personal is human.  Human is relatable.  Information is not.

The best storytellers are translators (manipulators) of information.  They take an experience and create layer on top of it, like an onion, that get peeled and reveal deeper insight.


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