its a media crush

October 10, 2011

First, writing was invented; then television, and now the web.

The whole environment has changed, but our brains have not. We are still made for jungles and plains but we interact more with iPhones and computer screens than anything else. Surely, this has had an impact.

A long time ago, the only things we interacted with that we couldn’t see were ghosts and gods. Now, we interact with more invisible people than we ever have. What happens as a result of this is indescribably complex and will likely take generations to truly understand.

But there’s something else.  This is the first generation when most of us have interacted so much with our own media. We used to think of Dan Rather as exemplifying trust. We believed in his story, had faith in his myth.

But now it’s ourselves we’re seeing on a screen. What happens then?  Are we starting to believe our own myths? Is producing, and watching our own media leading us to believe the images we create?

My personal e-mail address is mediacrush@gmail.com


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