and it started out so promising

July 1, 2011

My solo trek through the nations southwest began flawlessly in Albuquerque where I was expertly escorted around the wildfires to my chariot for the week , a brand new customized Toyota Tacoma packed with GPS radios, climbing gear, all the  outdoor recreational accessories one might purchase at REI before an expedition.

Three hours and a couple of hundred miles later I was peeing on the side of a desert road when I first noticed that the trucks’ only plates were the decorative paper variety used by dealers inside the lot.  Searching the vehicle yielded more clerical oversights, small things like title, registration, proof of insurance, that sort of thing.

At least  it’s not one of those holiday weekends where they set up random sobriety roadblocks cause that would really suck seeing that I lack absolutely every legal requirement.  My 2,000 mile pleasure ride to Northern California has become a back road PO-PO dodging Cannonball Run


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