Blood on Bodega

June 25, 2011

Today a “dog” died on Bodega Avenue

I was pedaling up Bodega when I spotted two skinny jeaned hipster types awkwardly fumbling for a tiny rodent sized creature.  I had my headphones on and did not hear any of the commotion but I did feel something wettish and toothy on my left foot.   This little rodent dog* had chased me, successfully, and was now nipping at my flip flopped foot.

I squeezed my brakes and he overran me, I swung to the outside with the intention of crossing.  He kept coming and I was not able to spin my head and check for traffic so I sped up and swung back to the inside. I must have been wearing him out because he took a wide turn, far too wide and right under the front wheel of a passing car, reducing it to a small furry maroon patch on Bodega Avenue.

* Turns out that the rodent dog was a bichon frise


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