June 12, 2011

Who agrees to donate $1 for Easter Seals when checking out of your local grocery or CVS?   I assume not too many – We’ve all been wisely conditioned to view big non-profit organizations with cynicism.  The feelgood feeling of donating is fleeting and hollow, muted with the knowledge that a large portion of the dollar donated goes to covering the organizations overhead and salaries.

In the same store –  would you pay an additional 2 or 3 dollars for a product marked “Organic”  “Sustainable”  “Green”  “Earth-Friendly”?

I grab for the “green” product every time – so blinded by the false sense of pride that I am doing the right thing /being part of the solution that I don’t stop to consider that there are often no guidelines or explanation as to how  this product is more organic than the other.

Are these once-sustainable monikers becoming over-used, ubiquitous and annoying? Maybe.  Are they getting watered down or undermined in the process?  Most-definitely.

This blog is now produced with post-consumer recycled adjectives


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