The blank page prevails

May 17, 2011

On occasion I’ll take liberties to enhance an online tale or borrow bits of song lyrics without giving credit (presenting the illusion I created it) but more often then not I simply omit.

I start just about every posting with an urge to reveal one of my unedited real life situations – predicaments which amuse me endlessly but are more scandalous and unbelievable than you could imagine, than you’d care to imagine   (For example, you know that cocky half-smile thing I sometimes do?  The one that makes you ask… uh-ohh what are you thinking?  Well at that precise moment I am most likely thinking about one of those predicaments that you don’t know about)

I recently asked someone “If you were to die at this moment and all the people you ever knew were to gather together in a room would they be able to piece together your life, or would there be gaping holes, unanswered questions, mysteries, secrets?”

She was quite confident that her life could be accurately mapped out which I found astonishing  – Was she the freak or am I?  And does the answer even matter?

Perhaps the line I’ve yet to cross separates the artist from the hobbyist,  the sociopath from the black sheep boy.

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