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April 29, 2011

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by beauty/mastery that you actually contemplate ending your life?

Bay Area artist (via New England) Merrill Garbus’s (one woman band, tUnE-YaRdS) is so intimidatingly smart I feel guilty listening or at least unworthy – this is not music intended for us (human beings) – it’s simply too lateral thinking too concept-dense, full-up of mashed up binary details that I know I could never fully appreciate.  Most good artists “think outside the box” or “color outside the lines” but tUnE-YaRdS redraws the lines, I’m pretty sure she’s an alien.

I listen to her disc and I feel darkly confident akin to carrying a sign that read ‘I know I’m fucking up – leave me alone.’”

Make sense?  Give it a listen, you’ll know what I mean

No freebees this time, support our extra terrestrial artists


April was “Visit Dan in California” Month

April 29, 2011

Absence makes the heart grow fonder – fondness makes the absence longer -length loses my interest, I’m a realist, I’m insatiable


One very interesting photo

April 17, 2011

On occasion I will get compliments on certain photos or digital works and while I am flattered I have no illusions when it comes to my artistic ability.  I am a mechanic, not an artist.

My particular photo taking style is “random chaos” based solely on sheer quantity.  My camera is always on and I hammer the “press” button, generally collecting 8-10 GB of photos a week.   As you’d expect most of the shots are blurry garbage but on occasion I will accidentally capture a gem.

The photo below was one of 400 I took at the Butter and Egg parade in Petaluma this past weekend.

Original Image

Four Interesting Items Hidden in Plain Site


Butter & Egg Day

April 17, 2011

Eight years ago I experienced my most memorable parade, the parade which all other parades would be compared to, upon arriving at San Juan Island in Washington (not too far from Seattle) on July 4th.  Stepping off the ferry into a Norman Rockwell-esq small town parade completely void of commercialism made me feel clean, pure and optimistic.  I began to form a loose unscientific theory around the ability to measure a communities character by their annual parade.

Petaluma’s annual event is called “Butter & Egg Day” and pays homage to the town’s farming community, from which it was founded.  The parade offered a few cows, local school marching  bands and your normal array of boy scout and brownie troops, yet thousands lined the streets enthusiastically displaying their sense of community pride and solidarity, concepts completely to foreign to me until this year.


The Spider Strikes Back

April 15, 2011

I was not completely honest the other night when reporting about the extermination of my insepets.  At the time I did not feel it was necessary to burden the reader with tidbits such as Multi-Purpose Windex does not kill spiders, it just sort of pisses them off  or maybe makes them sick, its hard to tell, regardless full disclosure would not have created a favorable image.

This is relevant because tonight I noticed two more spiders, I’m hoping they are not the same spiders from the other night as these two are significantly larger and much closer to my bed.  Not fooling around I went for the big guns and hit them hard with Lysol Disinfectant Spray (crisp linen scent) –  they made a run for it and I went to Plan B, Lemon Pledge, finishing off with some tub and tile cleaner.  I can’t tell but I’m pretty sure they may have escaped (again).   As I picked myself up off the floor I was amused that it might appear as if I were cleaning, not killing.

What this photo does not capture is how closely I resemble a dramatic gay man when killing spiders.  I squirt them with scented cleaning products and instantly retreat shrieking like a girl and shaking off the willies.

This will be my final post on this matter.


My Personal Discovery Channel

April 12, 2011

The ceilings in my bedroom are pretty high, 11 maybe 12 feet, so I really had no choice but to watch this inter-species drama play out from below.

In the far corner, near my closet, two large spiders and their impressive array of mummified corpses have been looming for a couple of weeks.  I’ve allowed the spiders to live because of the role I anticipate they’d play in the annihilation of the mosquito eaters (who roam my ceiling nightly  just beyond the reach of my whipping towel).

Mosquito eaters (or Mosquito Hawk) look like a mosquito and dragon fly combo, they are obscenely large, (think “Land of the Lost” or “Honey I Shrunk the Kids”) which scares the shit out of me (despite knowing that these monsters eat mosquitoes and do not bite humans).

Last Wednesday the mosquito eater population peaked at four.  I managed to maim and flush two of those bastards and one escaped (probably).  Which set the stage for last nights final solution.

I arrived home and turned the light on which woke the sleeping skeeter beast (apparently chilling on the bulb) and it flew straight up directly into the spiders web.  I began to capture the intense battle on video feeling rather smug about my plan coming to fruition.  After a couple of minutes I got bored …realizing that spiders don’t immediately kill their prey.

I read for a while and turned out the light  and tried to sleep but that goddamn mosquito eater was flapping and buzzing so loudly, it had been an hour and this insect was still fighting.  I got up to shoot some more video and it all became so clear…. this is the last bit of food left for the spiders, what will they do now, do I need them around now that there are no more mosquito eaters, and why am I continuing to personify this?

I doused the corner with Windex All-Purpose and resolved to spend less time alone.


I’m gonna f*@k your mom, a comedic revenge

April 11, 2011

This is an older clip that I never tire of.  It’s as smart(dark) as it is funny (twisted).   Absolutely worth eight minutes of your time.  Note to my more conservative readers, this video is not as lewd as the title suggests, you’ll enjoy!

Click to watch