Redemption at Panera

December 3, 2010

Interesting times.  Within five minutes I tested my ethics and found redemption.

Tonight I was in line at a CVS, the woman in front of me was questioning the price of her lip balm and asked to put her purchase on hold while she did a price check.  I stepped up, made my transaction, walked away with my bags.

Before driving away I noticed the clerk inadvertently tossed Lip Balm Ladies planned purchase into my sack, nothing too exciting – lip balm and tube of toothpaste.

This presented an interesting three choice quiz that likely defines ones believes system.

1)  Free shit! Keep it and drive off!

2) Make the effort to return the items to the store, thus rewarding a thankless corporation for hiring an apathetic employee.

3) Wait for the woman to exit the store, hand her the items and say “2 for 1 your lucky day”!

I chose to wait for the woman which made me feel simultaneously righteous and naughty. So much so that I made an unplanned walk across the parking lot for a mac and cheese bread bowl at Panera.

The following photos were taken on my phone as I walked in:

A woman sitting on the floor, doing a poor job at feigning injury from a fall.  Furiously rubbing her elbows and knees and searching for a visible sign of injury.

Hey lady, if you are going to pull this stunt maybe try not doing it ON the friggin warning sign.

I spent three minutes in Panera and I heard this woman use the words “negligence” “accident report”  “ohh my back” as well as not so subtly hinted at free food.

Hey lady, if you are going to pull this stunt maybe try not doing it at the friggin’ warning sign.

Redemption found on the dirty floor of Panera.



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