Its Changed Everything

November 5, 2010

I have frequently read motivational statements about near death experiences and how they instantly change ones outlook on life.   My personal favorite is actually a lyric from the song “Shape of my Heart” by Noah and the Whale.  Download Song Here

Oh when the wild was all covered by snow,
I forgot the colours that the grass tend to grow.
Oh the trees were all leafless,
And lifeless and black,
And I wondered if the leaves could grow back

For your heart is like a flower as it grows,
And its the rain, not just the sun that helps it bloom,
And you don’t know how it feels to be alive,
Until you know how it feels to die

I foolishly thought that I was intelligent enough to grasp this concept abstractly and even tried to manufacture this or similar affirmations as motivation prior to undertaking a bold move.

I could never conjure up the adjectives to aptly explain it, but I recently had an experience which made these sentiments tangible.

It lasted only a couple of seconds but its changed everything.



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