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Caring is creepy

November 30, 2010

Classic example of “Bad Uncle Dan” rough-housing and out of control.

Taken seconds later, this photo presents a peaceful mood  …truthfully all I see is a creepy grown man (possibly from Utah) in bed with two kids.


Running out

November 27, 2010
This writer guy, he says that it’s easy. You just sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.

But what if you're running out of veins?


Russia in one photo

November 26, 2010

Russia, You're drunk, gimme your keys


One Day, Someday

November 19, 2010

Changing the plans that I’ve been setting on
I’m scared by the way that my life is getting gone
Petaluma one day I’ll, someday I’ll come home


Than vs Then (part 3) – Just Use “Than”

November 18, 2010

Note:  I have gotten a couple questions about this.  I did not write this, nor did I create this graphic.   I am not angry at anyone.  This is aimed at me and inability to grasp the simplest concepts.



November 15, 2010

Undiluted by compromise or commitment, sounds fun, right?  No wife, no kids, no pets, no mortgage, hell I don’t even have a plant – often I silently cheer this independence.  Every single day, every solitary choice belongs to me.  Democracies may work better on the world stage but when it comes to your life dictatorships are where its at.

On occasion I will meet someone of a similar age living a somewhat similar life and I instantly assume “Something must be wrong with this person, to be this age and still alone, what a fuck up”. Which of course means makes me realize how others must view me and question why I have any acquaintances at all.

I have been self-conscious about this and have taken some steps to insulate myself from the scorn of others.  For example when I move into a new apartment I put butter, eggs and milk and in the fridge.  I don’t use dairy products but they make me appear like less of a serial killer than my usual jars of condiments and box of baking soda.  Of course this plan would backfire horribly if anyone were to check the expiration dates.

I am proud to be abnormal, I just don’t want to be creepy.  This is why I have decided to adopt.


I’m as nowhere as I can be, please add some somewhere to me.



November 12, 2010