Injustice in West Memphis

October 20, 2010

Outside of snide cynical swipes I do not post items of political or social importance.  Last night I began to read about the West Memphis Three and I was overcome with frustration.

Brief summary, Three young boys were found dead in West Memphis Arkansas back in 1993.  Three high school kids, who dressed in black and did not fit in with the others were arrested for this crime.  Based on no evidence or motive and in spite of contradictory DNA findings two of the teens were sentenced to life in prison without parole, the other was given the death penalty.

In the past 17 years a mountain of evidence has come to light showing how this community rigged juries, bullied witnesses and ignored (or lost) all evidence which would have cleared the teens (or embarrassed Arkansas authorities).

Even the families of the victims are pleading for justice in the form of re-trying or freeing the West Memphis Three.

If you Google “West Memphis Three” you will find books written about this (most notably “The Devil’s Knot”), celebrity pleas (from artists such as Johnny Depp, Dixie Chicks & Eddie Vedder) as well as dozens of websites dedicated to the injustices, cover-ups and back door dealings of the Arkansas legal system.

This is the particular article that drew me in


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