Robin Hood (Hotel Pay-Per-View)

August 20, 2010

A while back I posted some tricks to avoid paying for internet while staying at hotels.  I recall getting some criticisms, stuff like, “Do you think its wise to advocate stealing”.  Of course I don’t think stealing is a good thing, , which is precisely why I posted it – $12 per day (or per hour in NYC) is highway robbery!

I am not a TV watcher but sometimes I will turn it on in a hotel to break the silence or to drown out unruly or overly amorous guests in the adjoining room.   When I turn on the TV I always find the same 13 channels for free.  I also find a somewhat extensive choice of pay-per-view movies, which are reasonably priced at around $20 per movie.   Ya, that’s right, twenty bucks!

This is what I did.  I went got myself a very special tool called a “Universal Remote” from RCA at Radio Shack for $12.99 and it allows me to access internal “private channel lists”.

Warning:  Do not read the rest of this post if you prefer to pay extraordinarily inflated prices for television in your hotel room.

Program your remote with the code: 000
If this doesn’t work, you may need to do some fiddling around to locate the correct code, but in my testing I have found that it works most of the time.

Once you have programmed your remote follow these steps:

* Press the “Menu” button to access the Administration menu on the TV.
* Using the channel and volume keys, navigate to the “Channel List” option.
* Using the Left/Right buttons change to Channel List B.  (we will be screwing with Channel list B so we can flip back to channel list A to restore it back to normal functionality.
* Once you have Channel List B selected, arrow down to “Channel memory”.  Now you can use the up and down arrows to tune all channels..  You want to “STORE” the channels you find of course.   Hurray, free PPV!

This hack has a lot more potential than just adding channels…   Have fun!


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