More Sleep, Less Peyote

August 7, 2010

For four days I have found myself considering the ramifications of a restaurant promotion I read in an elevator but tonight I’m thinking someone slipped me some peyote.

I realize that this is going to sound a bit crazy …..NOW!

The text on the poster read pretty much like this:

My memory of the promotional flier was virtually identical to this. I do not recall the name of the restaurant, nor do I recall any small print.  However I can recall with great clarity plotting my strategy.  I landed on, “I am a printer and will only have to pay $13 because that is the periodic number for Ink”

Is it more disturbing that I was thinking of scams inside of my hallucinations or that I imagined ink as a periodic element, naturally occurring in the universe?

As absurd as this all sounds (yes I am reading it as I type)  I am prepared to realize this is not an actual (or plausible) promotion mostly because I haven’t been be in an elevator this week.

Welcome to my semi-lucid dream feedback loop!  I need more sleep or less peyote

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