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William Fitzsimmons

August 31, 2010

William Fitzsimmons is a strange guy, hard to look at…. sort of an unruly beard and undefined flannel cladded lump of a body but the guy will break your heart with his beautiful songs and tender knowing voice.

This is the cheap version of his story:  Born to two blind parents (William can see) he grew up in a home which completely lacked visual stimuli, no board games, TV, etc….  William went to school, moved to NYC and became a psychotherapist for four years until he found himself divorced and disillusioned with his chosen path.  Assuming nothing would happen he put his pain on paper, added some gentle piano and guitar and an indie star is born.

Check him out on Pandora, LastFM or iTunes


You can click this link and download “Goodmorning”


True story about Wasps

August 30, 2010

Contrary to popular belief I actually do own a vehicle and its been dutifully collecting pine needles on my parents property for about a year.  I was clearing the debris off of my almost forgotten friend when all of a sudden I felt a piercing pain in my arm, than my back, my face WTF kind of bee….?  So many…. TOO MANY…. OH NO – SHIT! WASPS!!!!!

Wasps are backyard Nazi’s – organized ruthless thugs who show no mercy once you have been declared a target.  The friggin’ wasps chased me around the yard, stinging me at will.   “They die after they sting you” is a bold faced lie!


Never (Gonna) Give (You) Up

August 29, 2010

Somebody somewhere is doing something beautiful and no one knows.

Seriously, a no one, nowhere with nothing is dreaming the Sistine Chapel in 3D and there are unicorns involved and no one knows.

Someone woke up one morning and thought, Ya know what – today is the day I create an animated GIF to honor Rick Astley.   Whomever you are I am glad you have not found a job simply because your spare time has enhanced mine.

Never Give Up



August 27, 2010

If you say Jesus backwards it sort of sounds like Sausage


Age of Entitlement

August 25, 2010

I am connected all the time.  Just the other day, driving in a residential neighborhood I noticed a sign that read “No Jake Braking”.  Seemed like a joke sign, “Jake Braking”certainly wasn’t a term I was familiar with so I picked up my phone and said “google search, jake braking” and instantly had my answer.

My Mom call us the Generation of Entitlement, even though she has a sweet iMac and a blog (however it should be noted that she is also guilty of printing out emails and mailing them to me …..?!?).

I am old enough to recall when there was no way to get the answer.  We just had to wonder about shit all the time, it was ponderous!

Do you think we as a society are better for knowing everything?   Hold on, let me check.  Yup, Wikipedia says we are.


e= what I miss a lot

August 25, 2010


9 Lives, 2 Legs and the Ugly Dance

August 24, 2010

Everyone knows that if you put cute cats on your website you will get more traffic.  If it’s true I going to be breaking records cause these lil guys are adorable… just wonder how you’re suppose to hold them?

The the real reason I posted this was so we could all make the cat do the ugly dance  so click here ( click don’t donate ) and make em shake a leg