Handi Travel Tip # 45

July 29, 2010

The Handicap Special

Lets face it, if you are in a wheelchair or otherwise handicapped the odds of traveling to (or affording) a 4 or 5 star hotel are slim.  Yet, these hotels are all required by law to have customized rooms set aside…just in case.  (Just in case a guy like me needs a room at an otherwise sold out establishment).

I never misrepresent myself.  I am able-bodied and proud of it!  This is the trick, all you have to do is request an “Accessible Room”.   The hotel cannot ask you if you are disabled, or why you need the room… Simply making the request unlocks a whole slew of doors.  Perfect right?

Handicap rooms are always larger, closer to the elevator and if you are willing to use your imagination, chock-full of handi little amenities.  Doorbell! European Style Shower!  Laptop Toilet Stand!

NO ONE will say that I am sensitive or politically correct but perhaps the wording on the doorbell could use a little tweaking.  I mean, Don’t you think these people are already somewhat prone to being depressed on account of the whole not walking or being normal thing?

Read it for yourself, Its wrong, right?

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