The Columbus Incident

July 14, 2010

If its my fault I will admit it.   It’s a good attribute and it has served me well in life.  Especially if you run around doing dumbshit things such as smashing into parked cars ….which is precisely what I was up to in Columbus Ohio this morning.

OK, so here I was, driving some fancy rental car, navigating a hotel parking garage…thought I could make the turn, turns out I was wrong.  It happens.

Only lowlifes hit and run and I will admit, that not for one second did I entertain the option of just driving away.  Plus there were witnesses, lots of em… options were limited

I hopped out,  assured everyone (ie. aforementioned witnesses) that I was OK – uninjured, don’t worry about me… no one asked, one lady looked mildly curious….   I took some photos jotted down a note for the windshield claiming how sorry I was, and letting them know that I had insurance.   I even went so far as to call the cops on myself so I could collect a full bouquet of paperwork which I hoped to present to the cars owner and instantly defray their annoyance,  maybe they will thank me!

Few hours later I noticed a not so small detail which somehow eluded me at the accident scene.

The car I hit was NOT the victim of someones careless driving, oh quite the contrary, the parked car was a menace, blatantly disregarding clearly marked lines (ie. breaking the law),  endangering the safety and clean driving records of proud, god fearing Americans throughout Columbus.

Your honor I submit Exhibit A

For anyone keeping score, rental car wreck #2 this year!


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