Sometimes Intentional, but usually not

June 24, 2010

Once upon a time I was hired to publish a magazine and at the time my favorite joke was, “Can you believe I am the publisher of a magazine, I can barely read”.

This of course was clearly a lie.  Some may have thought “Oh that’s just Dan’s attempt at self-efficacy humor” but the truth of the matter is that I cannot spell worth a damn.  Ever gotten a handwritten card from me?  If so, you will know that I am not kidding.  In fact even now as I type this – every third word has angry red squiggly lines underneath it….most of them look to be spelld correctly too.

My biggest mistake, and one that is never caught by spell check is “THAN” vs “THEN” – I mean, does anyone really know when to use one versus the other?   I cannot tell you how many unnecessarily wordy long ass paragraphs I have written to avoid using “than/then”.

When I am confronted by the frequent misspellings in my blog I shrug it off as cool indifference…”ya, I make up my own words sometimes”.  And maybe I have made up like two words, but the rest are just plain mistakes.

I have attached three brief visual guides (just in case you are at all like me)

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