HEADLINE: New Resident Killed by Car

May 22, 2010

According to The Death Clock I will die on this date:

But I already know this is incorrect.

I will die in the following manner.  I will be riding my bike to work – messenger bag pregnant with the weight of computers, chargers and cables) will be precariously draped across my back, resting squarely on my right hip.  I will attempt to adjust my left ear bud – which is always popping out –  when my pencil thin tires will encounter a slight bump.

This will be the precise moment when I wish I wore a helmet, or at the very least headed the concern (phrased politely as questions) offered by those who have seen my ride “Aren’t you a little beefy for that bike?” or “Doesn’t a bag that heavy on your hip throw off your balance?” and finally “Doesn’t it freak out riding a bike with no brakes, your feet strapped on to the pedals?” 


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