Face a Book

May 11, 2010

Its not the quizzing, so much as the astonishment which (at times) comes close to sounding like flat out betrayal.  “…What do you mean?  You don’t have a facebook page?  But why?  How come?  Everyone has em’ You should, you really should!

It’s not that I hate Facebook, its just that I do not like it at all (and there is a difference in those sentiments).  I have chosen not to join the flock and my reasons have largely been as pointless and unimportant as the updates  (the proverbial) “you all” post.

Just yesterday  I was asked the “Facebook question” again, but this time the question sounded different…  Rather than trying to sell me on the concept by using the “Everyone is doing it” philosophy she actually wanted to know – Dan, how come you don’t have a facebook page?

OK kids here it is!   I don’t have imaginary farms.  I don’t care to send or receive imaginary drinks – nor do I seek thumbnailed head shots of “friends” to “Like it” or whatever the terms are….  I suppose some may need this validation – I do not watch television, listen to the radio or know much about the latest trends.   Call me an anti-social shut-in if you wish, but at the end of the day I have more “celebrity” stories, contacts, phone numbers than you – and back to those farms – I heard people are actually buying WITH REAL MONEY, imaginary farm animals and clicking around on other peoples screens, is this true?  Seriously sign me up.  You can bame politicians for our financial mess, I blame dumbasses buying People Magazine and fake farms.

Frustration (masked as snide bitterness) aside I believe that a Facebook account makes you think you are inexplicably less happy then you should be.

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