Dan vs. Hollywood vs. Golden Gate Bridge

April 20, 2010

I have no facts to back me up but I am guessing that far more people have seen iconic  monuments destroyed in Armageddon type movies than those who have actually visited the living breathing originals.  The Space Needle gets the shit kicked out of it in every movie….

Hollywood’s pandering to the dumbest common denominator of American, the ones who view a trip to Wal-Mart as a social outing and only leave the region that one time to go to Disney World (they most certainly stayed outside the park, and maybe tried to outsmart the time share folks) captures my imagination every time I cross the Golden Gate.   Its not very common that you do not have to use your imagination to visualize how your death might be viewed from a special effects helicopter hovering a few hundred yards away, I have seen the Golden Gate get shaken into the water by an earthquake, probably was hit by some random meteorites...the kind that serve as a warning shot that the earth is a target and luckily make their way to the streets of Manhattan and of course giant tsunami waves.

This is a self photo of me on the bridge thinking a couple of the things you just read.  I was also thinking about perfect teeth and Zeitgeist but that’s another post


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