The TSA steals socks!

March 14, 2010

Stealing valuables, gross ignorance, petty tyranny, lethal incompetence and institutional failure…if you have traveled more than once this year you would know exactly whom I speak of.

Its easy to pick on the mooks inspecting our carry-ons for 3 ounces of shampoo but its the thieves who operate behind closed doors that I hold accountable for my lost socks.  Kidding aside, you slobs seriously need to care more!  I am sick and tired of opening my bag only to find a little note that my bag was inspected and all of my shit strewn about.  There is absolutely no accountability – Who inspected my bag and where?  No employee number is listed….what if I was missing a laptop, how would I even begin looking for it?  I am more afraid of these power hungry, mall cop thugs then “Evil Doers” they are supposedly protecting us from.

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