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Is Dan smarter then a small Asian child?

February 23, 2010

Last week I counted a total of 4 wifi devices simultaneously collecting my digital communications and one of them has been letting me down, BIG TIME!  I blame my new Google phone for the POP, IMAP, SMS and MMS conflicts (if I am being honest, I actually don’t have a clue what the difference between any of those things are, however I tend not to be honest because its sort of my job to know this stuff).

Fast forward to this morning, I am sitting at the airport waiting for a standby seat to open up and I notice a bunch of messages from last week begin to pour into my phone.  I have never been so disappointed with my syncmanship.  I am simply setting the scene for why I would allow a small non-english speaking (genuine Asian) child the chance to check out Sprint’s new Android phone.

No joke, the kid managed to make a phone call in under a minute, easily besting my personal record by at least 30 seconds. Asian kids rule!*

*not just sarcasm, in all likelyhood Asian kids actually will soon rule, this kid had no apparent guardian and he was far more excellent than other kids I encountered throughout the day.


Incredibly Powerful 30second PSA

February 21, 2010

Click to watch a remarkably simple concept executed with astounding power and beauty.

File this under, “As if it matters”.  Once again Hollywood is falling over itself to hype, praise and award their own.  Sadly many non-contributing American zeros will care deeply about who wins and what they are wearing.  I am not qualified to intelligently discuss the art of film so I won’t.


2/19/2010 Landmark

February 20, 2010

Friday was memorable for two reasons, I will publicly discuss one, my first felony.  With comic unintentionality I participated and succeeded in bribing a uniformed law enforcement to procure a favorable outcome.

I got pulled over for driving like a Bostonian but the cop was affable and we got to talking.  I explained that I was not from around here, a bit lost,my phone has crappy GPS and that is precisely why I was going 60 in a 30.

OFFICER “…Well I’m gonna haveta write ya a ticket”

DAN “A ticket?  How much?”

“You have two options, if you plead guilty just pay the $70 or you can take this driving course on the internet”

“So I can just pay the $70 right now?”

steps closer as if to kiss me “I suppose we could work something like that out”

as I hand him a wad of disheveled bills “Think I could maybe get a receipt or something?”

And kids, THAT is how I committed my very first felony.


I feel like goin home, at the same time I don’t

February 19, 2010

KAYAK help me home!  I long to make my own bed, have a regular sized fridge and nightstand reading choices that are not either the bible or room service menu.


How’s That Taste?

February 19, 2010

Steve and I have been crisscrossing the country and haven’t seen each very often but it took only an hour or so to pick right up where we  (OK I) left off.

Steve’s a bright guy, but one thing he does not know (at least not until tomorrow morning when I send him a link to this site) is what actually occurs to ones luggage just moments after being unceremoniously dropped in my work space.   The photo montage depicts in great detail why one should consider NOT stowing their toiletries in the very accessible front pouch.

Good morning Steve!  We Missed Ya!


Complicated Canadians

February 17, 2010


Oh how does that feel nerds?

February 14, 2010

Never even turned it on!