Paranoid Android

January 31, 2010

Living in hotel suites and driving around in luxury rental cars is cool but the best part of my gig is test driving new gadgets.  Technically speaking no one at my company officially tasked me with performing research and development.  Looking back I suppose no one even knows (yet) that I ditched my company provided blackberry if favor for the $799 Hero Google android touch phone, which I was able to sweet talk Petra into shipping to my aforementioned hotel suite (just charge it to our account).

In addition to incriminating myself I actually wanted to note that this phone is friggin amazing.  Each time I hear it ring and cannot figure out how to answer the call I think to myself, “Wow Casbah Dan, that’s one nice phone you got there …in fact it may be one of the most advanced and technologically astonishing gadget ever invented, but you can’t figure out how to answer the damn thing”. If we’re being honest I actually don’t really how to make phone calls either.                           I feel like a mom.

Thanks for making me feel dumb Petra!


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