to be a Beatle

November 29, 2009

Everyone makes fun of Ringo Starr, and ya know what, maybe they should!  Hell, he knows it!  His big quote is “I am the luckiest guy in the world” and he ain’t kidding either.

Ringo is really ugly, and not just in a creepy big nosed old man way – he’s always been hard to look at.   I suppose it makes the other Beatles look better – I mean that had to have been the plan, why else would they have chosen to replace the original drummer with an uncreative  second rate dance hall drummer.   Yet  every morning Ringo gets to wake up and realize that only one other person on the entire planet can claim to be in history’s most popular band.  If i Ringo Starr made a deal with the devil, then I want his attorney cause that is one posh deal!

Conversely, there is  Eric Clapton… talent till the cows come home but plagued with some shit luck.

Not only did his kid try fail to fly from his hotel window but back  in the 70’s, when Clapton was at the top of his game – easily among the five coolest humans alive, he had the misfortune of falling in love with his best friends girl.   Which in on of itself wouldn’t be a problem unless the best friend in question happened to also be among the five coolest but a freakin’ Beatle to boot.

I wonder if the gravity of this situation was felt by the woman they both desired?  Can you even imagine what something like that would do to your ego?

EC was able to capitalize on those  big hurts to build a legacy  “Layla” and “Tears in Heaven: are easily his big signature songs, without them would we ever care about Eric Clapton?  Still he’ll never be a Beatle!


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