October 27, 2009

I frequently joke that I am the most dumbest one at my company and outside of the occasional “you have different skills”, my co-workers usually counter my claim with silent affirmation.  I don’t feel bad about this fact since most of the guys I work with are pretty much rocket surgeons.  Anyway this site I found is so freakin smart that it puts even them to shame.

Its called GROUND ZERO, its not really a  proper website, more of a bastardized use of Google Earth.

Essentially you choose a location, in my example I chose Manchester NH,  then you click on a type of nuclear weapon (or Asteroid) and then check out the real life fallout map.  That’s right, no more wondering what would happen if your hometown were to be nuked, see it for yourself.




For demonstration purposes only I chose to drop “Little Boy” (first used on Hiroshima in 1945) on Elm St. in Manchester.


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