Adam Cocio, I Am Sorry

October 15, 2009

Hey Adam Cocio,I owe you a pretty huge apology.

First off, I am sorry that I do not know any Abraham’s or Abagail’s and that you always seem to be the  first person in my address book.

I am additionally sorry for unintentionally harassing you by way of the infamous blackberry butt dial.  A recent search of my communications yielded some quite disturbing results, apparently I have rung you nine times in the past two weeks.

OK Adam, I admit it, you are one of those contacts who just barely makes the cut each time I edit my address book and that I am aware that I have not  intentionally spoken to you in more than seven years… Hell, it’s been so long I bet I wouldn’t even recognize you never mind having anything in common.   But  seeing that I didn’t knowingly contact you I am hoping this passive aggressive public apology is somehow appropriate.  Anyway, I really am sorry, maybe I can meet or Aaron or something….



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