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October 27, 2009

I frequently joke that I am the most dumbest one at my company and outside of the occasional “you have different skills”, my co-workers usually counter my claim with silent affirmation.  I don’t feel bad about this fact since most of the guys I work with are pretty much rocket surgeons.  Anyway this site I found is so freakin smart that it puts even them to shame.

Its called GROUND ZERO, its not really a  proper website, more of a bastardized use of Google Earth.

Essentially you choose a location, in my example I chose Manchester NH,  then you click on a type of nuclear weapon (or Asteroid) and then check out the real life fallout map.  That’s right, no more wondering what would happen if your hometown were to be nuked, see it for yourself.




For demonstration purposes only I chose to drop “Little Boy” (first used on Hiroshima in 1945) on Elm St. in Manchester.


Absolutely No Pretenses

October 26, 2009

fuckup_fucktardAn entire website based on the simple principle of putting the F-word on or near everyday items.  I suppose if you own the URL what else would do?


Original Conspiracy, Prepare to Believe

October 24, 2009

prepare-to-believe (2)

Welcome to the Creation Museum.

  • Live the history of Creation – seven wonderful days, magically compressed into a couple of hours.
  • Visit the Garden of Eden, where children play in the shadow of benevolent dinosaurs and evil snakes talk down from forbidden trees.
  • Learn how Noah heroically managed to fit millions of animal species into a tiny ship.
  • Discover how unscrupulous Victorian archaeologists buried billions of fake fossils all over the planet in history’s biggest hoax.

Come along and enjoy a terrific day out for all the family. Just check in your brains at the door and prepare to believe in a fantastic Photoshopped world.


Good Arms

October 22, 2009

Good Arms (versus bad arms) will win hands down


Fake Masterpiece

October 19, 2009

Fake Masterpiece (Serenely Dribbling) – A moody 18 minute Maimone Mixtake made entirely in Chicago IL.  (Available NOW)

fake master


Best of 09

October 18, 2009

As stated earlier, Elvis Perkins is my favorite recording artist in 2009.  Now I am prepared to announce my favorite song of 2009.

“Bless This Mess” by David Bazan (click to download track)

This song is at once both fairly complicated and immediately accessible, perfectly suited for the repeat button. The lyrics paint a somewhat desperate picture of an alcoholic father (apparently failing at his recovery) attempting to integrate into his family’s lives.

Although I am neither a parent or an alcoholic I find myself almost wishing I was both so I could enjoy this even more.



“Back and to the left”

October 18, 2009

Its been 40-odd years since the JFK assassination and polls still show that a solid majority of the American public does not believe that Oswald acted alone or that there was some sort of conspiracy.  That gives me a great sense of pride.

Perhaps Oswald did act alone, it’s plausible….  Ultimately the  answer no longer matters, the important thing is that we have given ourselves permission to question authority, to question the official government report.

But why are some topics too taboo to question?  Why is it OK to question the Warren Report but NOT the 9-11 Commission?  Why are we “Un-American” for asking questions, why are documentaries being banned for pointing out inconsistencies?

How can we, as a nation, founded by Patriots who not only questioned authority but organized violent revolutions against it,  now become so offended by opposing views which question authority?

Question Everything!

back and to the left