(Asked to Leave) The Art Institute of Chicago

September 6, 2009

Going to an modern art museum (with two guys no less) is NOT how I envisioned spending my Sunday.

Mike is my boss, he is based out of California and  on occasion he comes to Chicago to help us out – and when I say us what  I really mean is Steve.  I like when Mike visits.,  in addition to being a sincerely cool guy he also never lets us pay for anything and we usually end up eating really well.

After Sunday morning brunch we hit up the Apple store on the Magnificent Mile and then the museum.  Perhaps this is a really shitty museum, outside of mandatory school field trips I have nothing to compare it to, but I was overwhelmed by the entire experience.

There were rooms full of Picasso’s and Monet’s but my personal highlight was an exhibit titled “Clown Torture”.  It was horrific, essentially it was a small room lined with projection screens and a wall of old school televisions beaming and an endless loop of what had to be the scariest clown I have ever seen.  One screen showed the clown sitting on a public toilet going #2 (complete with sound), another had the clown emphatically saying, no SHOUTING “NO NO NO NO….”

If you want to check out some photos click here or on the Links sections

We were making our way to the exit when I snapped this photo….

Seconds before the crash

Seconds after snapping this blurry meaningless shot I tossed my camera into my side-loading velcro latched man purse.  Well I must not have fastened the velcro properly because as soon as we got on the other side of the glass and into the grand cavernous (think lots of people, lots of echo) lobby a glass bottle slid out of my bag and smashed on the marble floor.  The sound and the absolute obliteration of the bottle into hundreds of tiny shards is something that I can not begin to explain.

I instantly looked up at the glass ceiling in a pathetic attempt to shift the blame, but the iced tea wrapper (still perfectly intact and my uncooperative accompice (STEVE) gave me away and earned us an official invitation to make our way to the exit.

We were leaving anyway

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