Under Attack!?

August 15, 2009

Saturday was already a confusing morning before any of this happened.  I had worked incredibly late on Friday and didn’t get in till after 1AM on Thursday, sleep deprivation was in full effect.  I was supposed to go into work on Saturday morning with Steve,  I couldn’t find Steve, had assumed he was asleep, just as I begrudgingly went to wake him my bleary eyed confusion reached its crescendo, complete with shaking walls and the screaming roar of a very low and very fast moving plane ripped through my apartment (having lived at a hotel at the airport for a month this year I am qualified to properly estimate norms in regard to the speed and altitude of aircraft).

I ran to my rooftop deck,  more than half-expecting to see a smoking hole in the side of the  Sears Tower (which I suppose makes me a doomsday pessimist).  Instead I saw the backside of a fighter jet (flying low and very fast), turn itself upside down and proceed to a make a very dramatic series of turns and flips.  No joke (still bleary eyed of course). my initial thought was, “Are we under attack, and if so is our military so smug about our superior air power that this is how we fly into battle”?

Until the jet made a series of loopty-loops did I surmise that it was some sort of pre-planned exhibition.  Turns out there was  a rather large airshow on Lincon Park Beach, just blocks from my apartment.   All the same, it was eery watching these jets and bombers buzz around the Chicago skyline, gave me a tiny glimpse of what it might have been like to be a civilan in Iraq during the last war.

jets in city3resize

Side note, I surmise  it would be very difficult to shoot down a jet, at least from the ground.  It was a beautiful day, I had a clear unobstructed view of the horizon AND I knew that any second I would see the jet.   Yet armed with my video camera, I almost never saw the jet approaching, nevermind was able to push REC on time.


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