The Unexplained Lifestyle

August 9, 2009

A couple weekends back my roommate / co-worker, lets call him Steve, took the rental car to visit someone on some lake.    Long story short, some sort of communication error occured and Steve had to spend the night in the car, which is an SUV so it wasn’t the end of the world.

The next day I am getting ready to head into work and I notice a bright red LifeStyle condom wrapper, torn open and discarded on the floor of the backseat.  WTF!

Under normal circumstances one would assume that two decent looking single young guys living together in a pimped out bachelor pad would produce a fair amount of condom wrappers and that this little wrapper should not have piqued my interest, however they have not met Steve and I, certainly not Steve.

Steve has a girlfriend and even if he didn’t I have seen him talk to the ladies, no way he had sex, not with a girl.  I was left with two options – either he had gay sex ….could happen, or he is one of those creepy dudes who masturbates into a condom.  I spent the week investigating (staging and faking images) and am ready to come to my conclusion.

Apple Fritter with Condom Wrapper

Apple Fritter with Condom Wrapper

Steve was a good sport about this, although he was mad when he realized I put the condom wrapper into the bag with his Apple Fritter, which he proceeded to eat just moments after the photo was taken.


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