My New City Resolution

July 21, 2009

New Year’s Resolutions are nothing more than  artificial deadlines to turn your life around.     You want to change things, really shake it up?  Move!  Pack a bag, get on a plane and jet away from your comfort zone.   Leave your family, friends, girlfriend behind and go.

This week my company moved me into a super swanky rooftop apartment, located in the heart of Lincoln Park, hands down the nicest urban neighborhood you could possibly find.  I will use this occasion to mark my mid-July resolutions.

Here are the things I know will change for me in Chicago

– I resolve to pick up all my spills as soon as they occur and to never let them crust up or stain.

– I resolve to dedicate one dresser drawer solely to socks

– I resolve to never again trick myself into thinking that hiding a pile of clean clothes on the floor of my closet is the same as “putting them away”

– I resolve to fully realize that it never has and NEVER will only take me five minutes to shave, shower and dress and that I should allocate at least ten minutes.

– I resolve to buy things at the grocery store other than just Cheeze-Its and Diet Pepsi, even if those are the only two things I actually want to consume.

– I resolve to open my mail as it arrives and to never view my utilites “being temporarily suspended” as a friendly reminder.
That’s it for now, will let you know how I do.


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