4th of July in the Heartland

July 5, 2009

My 4th of July was remarkably similar to a John Cougar Mellancamp song, but that may have been cause I was in Indiana (not by choice, I was traveling home from visiting a friend in Ohio and the primary route from Southern Ohio to Chicago chosen by my GPS pretty much put me in Indiana all day long)

If you have driven through Indiana, especially the central portion of the state, you know that the scenery consists mostly of farms with the occasional fireworks store.  Those two entities collaborated to make for one of my more interesting driving experiences.

Shortly after dusk I began to see small plumes of amateur fireworks being launched in the fields.  Then at 9PM, as if mandated by law, the fields and roadside exploded with fireworks.  When I hit a particularly open stretch I made out at least half a dozen locations shooting simultaneously.  As I neared the Illinois border I witnessed a fireworks battle as two groups appeared to be launching bottle rockets, screamers and tracers at each other from opposing sides of the road.  I am sure this was nothing like actual war, but in my head – this is sort of what like war might be like.

Anyway, the Fourth of July is a bit different ’round these parts

Outside Dayton, OH

Outside Dayton, OH

Look to the far left of this photo to notice a clever mock-up of George Washington’s famous river crossing (in a kayak).


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