“Call From A. Hinkle”

May 17, 2009

Tiny bit of back story – My parents have a cordless phone system which features “Talking Caller-ID”.  Meaning, if I were to call their house an automated computer voice would say “Call From Cell Phone NH”, unless of course you are programed into their autodial, in which case it would announce the caller as it was programmed.

All of this is a pretty cool in theory, and based on the horribly inarticulate computer voice (and oversized, clumsy handsets) I am guessing my parents were early adopters of this technology, good for them!  This all plays into “A Hinkle”

“Call from A. Hinkle” is something you are likely to hear constantly at my parents house.  Hinkle is my sister’s married name, her first name is Kendra, her husband Mick, their children are Samantha and Maxwell, so why does it say A Hinkle”?

In general my Mom is pretty ingenious,  but not particularly knowledgeable (or patient) when it comes to technology.   Knowing that her most frequent call would be my sister, when she programmed the phone (not knowing how to disable the automatic alphabetizing feature) she simply adopted a work around.  Thus Hinkle became A Hinkle.

On its own I thought this was mildly amusing, dozens of times a day they listen to (and tolerate) “Call from A. Hinkle”.  It got downright hilarious when a pattern began to emerge – I recently learned that my Dad, also pretty ingenious but similarly techtarded, renames the artists on his iPod (adding “Z” in front of artists he likes least).

During a recent visit home my mom said she was having trouble with her e-mail.  I was checking it out, and opened up her “JUNK” folder to see if it needed to emptyied, to my surprise I found it full of e-mails, all from the same person.  I asked my mom why she kept all of his email’s in the junk folder.  Her response ….”It was the only folder that was empty”

Awww, how cute!  Boy mom, you sure A.Hinkle’d the crap out of that one!



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