Twist (the cuddle club mix)

May 4, 2009

Suck as I may, there are a few belongings that I have managed to hang onto.  One of them is my prized, gignournous and  constantly expanding music library, tagged, optimized and cover arted.

Besides collecting this stuff I also listen to it, and on occasion I have been known to toss together a mix tape.   Today qualifies as an occasion.

Twist (the cuddle club mix)

Twist  (the cuddle club mix) is dedicated to the art of spooning without trying to fork.   It contains twenty songs, all released in the last 2 years.  Some of the artists may be familiar, hopefully the songs will be new!   The mix will take up about an hour of your time and about 90mb of your hard drive.  I aimed to provide a collection of songs for a hopeful spring day.    Let me know if you have any favorites.

click on link for free download

click on link for free download

You can download the mix for free by clicking any of these words.  Once the file is downloaded (its a single zip file) open the file and import the music into itunes or whatever you prefer.

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