PC vs. Mac (v1)

April 25, 2009

I am a PC user.   I have always had at least one, and despite their clear and often overwhelming flaws, I don’t see that changing.

My company recently provided me with a macbook pro to use for work projects as their entire universe is mac oriented.   I have used macs before, and was somewhat comfortable navigating the basics, I never had one to call my own, one that I could really dig into and explore (ie. screw-up)

First (and only) thing PC users switching to mac need to know is that EVERYTHING is easier and most things are better.  In particular I have found the operating system to be more intuitive and ultimately superior to anything Microsoft has put out.

Mac computers are creatively designed for outstanding usability with attention to detail and craftsmanship.

That being said, I have to tell ya …the people at Apple really suck at making mice.  I mean these things are horrible.   SIf you decide to join the masses who are switching over to mac, do yourself a favor and opt for a non-Apple mouse.

This brings me to the second most annoying thing about macs …hardcore mac users.  I am talking about people who blindly scream about how much “Windblows sucks” and that anything made by Apple MUST be the best possible option.  These poor schmucks are so obsessively loyal to Apple they’d rather endure a miserable existance with their “Mighty Mice” or learn complicated multi-key commands (called shortcuts) than buy a mouse which can actually “right click”.



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