The Birmingham Bag

December 12, 2008

Know how little kids hold their breath for as long they can?  I remember it being very uncomfortable and in the end no one was impressed, no good had came from it.

I find myself in a similarly unrewarding uncomfortable situation.   At this point in the tour we  travel by bus and there is no limit to how many bags we can drag around with us.  For no good reason I decided to use only two bags and this has been my undoing.  I have been late, flustered and sweaty ever since.

I keep meaning to pick up a cheap duffel bag and alleviate my pointless suffering, but I never got around to it.  With a couple of hours to spare in Birmingham Alabama I decided to finally exhale and  took to the streets.

Downtown Birmingham looks exactly like the civil rights footage that we have all seen.  Except there are no white people, NONE.  In fact there are also no stores.  Sadly the recession has kicked the shit out of this town, the downtown area was just desolate.  No exaggeration I walked 30 blocks and the closest thing I saw to commerce was some  mom & pop department store (which was having a going out of business sale).

This department store would end up providing a small measure of relief, albeit it was of  the comic variety.    The only bags they had larger than a purse were the “Free Gift with Purchase” kind.  I don’t wear cologne yet I now own five assorted Calvin Klein fragrances which came free with my new bag.

My free gift

My free gift


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