Crackhead Cabdriver

November 24, 2008

No joke, I had a crackhead cabdriver on Sunday evening.  I could see the hotel from the gig, its a short hop, four maybe five block.  Despite carrying three large bags I would have walked if Detroit wasn’t full of criminals.  But it is so I took my chances with a cab.

Only in Detroit does a cabbie conversation go like this Cab Driver, “Where you headed” Cab Rider, “Marriott Hotel” Cab Driver, “You know how to get there”? If you say, “NO” there’s likely a long and potentially dangerous cab ride followed by an astronomical fare in your immediate future.

This particular night I got into what passes as a cab in Detroit and was greeted by a dirty toothless vagrant who sounded exactly like a homeless crackhead wino. I pointed at the tall Marriott Hotel tower in front of us and said clearly and slowly “I am going to the Marriot, the Marriott thats there, bring me there directly”.

The ride was quick but not uneventful.  The driver never turned the meter on and tried to charge me double the rate I had paid for the same ride earlier that day.  Most days I would have just paid the fare,  but I was sick and tired of this toilet they call a city getting the best of me.  I walked into the hotel then out of Detroit.

Detroit Cab Driver

Detroit Cab Driver


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