Detroit was a bad day

November 23, 2008

Originally written Fri Nov 21st

Warning this is an angry vent!  Detroit sucks!  For starters the city, or what I have seen of it is a cesspool.  Not that it would make a lick of difference if we were in a civilized city, the day was doomed.

We left the gig in Grand Rapids at 2AM and pulled into the Joe Lewis Arena in Detroit at 5AM.   (This has been the norm for the past week or so).    The crew just worked a 20 hour two-show day followed by a load-out, no one was able to get more than two hours sleep, I got none.

We rolled off the bus into a dark and dismally cold morning, I mean it was brutally cold.  I was first off the bus and paid the price for actually being early as I spent twenty minutes trying to find an open door or an entrance sign.   Its an odd sensation to be surrounded by forty tractor trailer trucks and a dozen buses yet not see a single human being.  I finally found an open door, apparently it was for the adjacent convention center inhabited by  maintenance workers cruising around in menacing looking motorized carts whooping it up.  It felt like a scene from a Mad Max movie.

The Joe Lewis IT staff was a freakin joke, not only were they a couple of hours late to arrive but finally arrived  nothing worked and no one offered a valid clue as to why, instead they just kept passing the buck,  I literally spent the entire morning playing Ground Hog day with these fruit loops.  The only thing I discovered was that the internet problems fall in into a jurisdictional grey area that no department cared to address.

Other crappy things continued to happen, but the thing I am now focused on is my deteriorating physical condition.  I am nursing a severe sore throat, likely brought on by the dry bus air and lack of rest.  Detroit sucks, it just does!

First off the bus

First off the bus

Warning!  This building sucks!

Warning! This building sucks!


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