Maimone vs Midget (a short night out)

November 12, 2008

I spill shit, you know this, it’s what I do.

When I lifted four very full pints of beer off the ledge of the bar I fully expected to slosh at least a few ounces to the ground, what I failed to anticipate was that a midget to be standing underneath me. 

Matt the Midget became the most recent victim of my poor motor skills, and he wasn’t very happy about it.  He must be one of those angry elves from the South Pole.

Photo timeline of the events as they occurred

1.  Matt the midget gets drenched and annoyed and threatens to fight me.

2.  Situation temportarily diffused by a lovely female cast member.

3.  Matt totally forgives me and is letting me know that he thinks I am #1

4.  We join up to defeat Stage Manager Kelly Ice

Matt the Midget

Matt the Midget


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