A Carnies Dream Come True

November 8, 2008

If anyone exemplifies being in the right place at the right time its Carny Brian.  Brian was an employee at Hershey Amusement Park, during our October rehearsals he picked up extra hours as our production runner.

Each morning when Brian picked the crew up at the hotel he would pepper us with questions “How did you get into this”  “What’s it like on tour” etc.  As our three week run began to wind down Brian made a point to go up to each of the decision makers and expressed how much he enjoyed working with us and if there was ANY position available on the tour he would happily take it.

Never one to let a weakness go unexploited I took every opportunity to screw with Brian’s naivety.  I would do stupid things like call him up and say “Hey Brian, this is Dan, it might be your lucky day, I need to hire an assistant for the road, if you can call me back within five minutes you can come with us, my number is 6-0-3 mumble mumble (hangup).

When we left town Brian looked so disappointed and abandoned.

Soon after leaving Hershey the tour carpenters decided they needed one more guy to complete their crew and they remembered Brian, who hopped on a plane and here he is now on tour with us as an official crew member.

Carny Brian’s new job title has not stopped me from reminding him of his small-handed and shify beginnings nor has it stopped me from screwing with him.  Just yesterday I sold him an adding machine calculator, which Brian believes is a laptop computer.  He keeps asking about how to get online, but I think I can milk another couple days out of it.

Congratulations Carny!

Step Right Up!

Step Right Up!


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