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Cincinatti Hotel View

November 29, 2008



Drunken Savant

November 29, 2008

Had a hard time falling asleep last night so I called down for a bottle of scotch.  I have been developing a taste (but not a tolerance) to single malt scotch this fall.    In the morning I found notes scribbled so crazily that I couldn’t decipher them.

Got me thinking, wouldn’t it be cool if you could be an Alcoholic Idiot Savant?  Capable of greatness but only under the influence.   Also got me to thinking maybe I shouldn’t try to be a drinker when I am so clearly bad at it.



Dinner before and after

November 28, 2008

Last week we welcomed a new cast member (sort of) as one of the sheep had a baby.

Isn't It Cute?

On Thanksgiving night we feasted on our new friend

Isn't It Tasty?



I don’t trust myself

November 25, 2008

I truly suck at certain things, right now the biggest battle I am having with myself is getting up in the morning for the real early calls such as this mornings 5:15AM bus call in Dayton Ohio.  

 At 2AM I made a chilly choice.   I opted to trade in my comfortable hotel bed for the safety of sleeping on the bus.  Its on par with sleeping at the office.

I gave myself several chances to adapt and I have failed, this is my punishment. 

Heading into Exile
Heading into Exile


A Proud Moment

November 25, 2008

Sunday evening I had the privelage to travel from Detroit to Dayton with Jeff & Gary, the shows’   producers in their rental car.   Not only do I enjoy their company but I welcomed the brief break from the bus routine.

Jeff was raised just outside Dayton, I cannot imagine what is going through his head as he makes his triumphant return, producing the largest show ever to play the city.

The following appeared in the Dayton Daily

Jeff Capitola: Producer/general manager for Radio City Music Hall national tours

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The man behind the Rockettes’ touring holiday show is 1979 Centerville High School graduate Jeff Capitola.

As producer and general manager, he oversees the Radio City Music Hall company’s four national tours.

Capitola dreamed of becoming a performer when he set out to earn his BFA degree at Denison University.

Destiny began to shift when he spent a semester off campus, as required, working as an intern for a general management firm on Broadway.

Back on campus and a few days before graduation, he received a job offer to come back to New York.

It wasn’t long before he was assistant company manager for a national tour of the musical “Dreamgirls,” then company manager for tours of “Cats” (which came through Memorial Hall in Dayton in 1987) and other shows. “I was a very lucky kid,” he said.

He’s been working with Radio City Music Hall and the Rockettes since 2002. This may be the most exciting and demanding year with the new arena-sized touring production of the holiday show.

“It’s big and beautiful. The visual elements are stunning. It takes more than 30 trucks to travel it,” he said.

Capitola and supervising director-choreographer Linda Haberman traveled around the country to see arena shows and “measure just what’s possible,” he said. “We have a rock ‘n’ roll crew doing this show, and they say it’s the biggest they’ve seen.”

He’s in charge of purchasing and logistics for “a company of more than 200 that will be away from home for up to three months.”

The tour was built in Hershey, Pa., and the technical elements (including an L.E.D. wall and stage with three turntables) were fine-tuned in Cincinnati.


No Brown M&Ms

November 25, 2008

Sure you have heard stories about how performers have specific and sometimes wacky food and beverage requests for each performance.  While I am not a performer or important in anyway I had the opportunity to submit my own whacky rider items which are provided and regularly replenished

(1) Bottle of red wine, (4) cans of sugar-free Red Bull, (4) bottles of Diet Pepsi, (1) Box of Cheez-Its



Crackhead Cabdriver

November 24, 2008

No joke, I had a crackhead cabdriver on Sunday evening.  I could see the hotel from the gig, its a short hop, four maybe five block.  Despite carrying three large bags I would have walked if Detroit wasn’t full of criminals.  But it is so I took my chances with a cab.

Only in Detroit does a cabbie conversation go like this Cab Driver, “Where you headed” Cab Rider, “Marriott Hotel” Cab Driver, “You know how to get there”? If you say, “NO” there’s likely a long and potentially dangerous cab ride followed by an astronomical fare in your immediate future.

This particular night I got into what passes as a cab in Detroit and was greeted by a dirty toothless vagrant who sounded exactly like a homeless crackhead wino. I pointed at the tall Marriott Hotel tower in front of us and said clearly and slowly “I am going to the Marriot, the Marriott thats there, bring me there directly”.

The ride was quick but not uneventful.  The driver never turned the meter on and tried to charge me double the rate I had paid for the same ride earlier that day.  Most days I would have just paid the fare,  but I was sick and tired of this toilet they call a city getting the best of me.  I walked into the hotel then out of Detroit.

Detroit Cab Driver

Detroit Cab Driver