Thanks Mom(s)

October 23, 2008

Its a precarious situation when you are deemed the “IT” guy for an entire tour yet have no formal training or experience to fall back on.  I may not show it but most days I feel like either a failure or a fake. I field all sorts of technical dilemmas, most end up resolved but there are the occasional stumpers and flubs which are  accompanied by the dissatisfied party giving me a hopeless “You have got to be kidding me, YOU ARE THE BEST THEY COULD FIND” look

Yesterday my soul had a brief but powerful dose of chicken soup provided by some of the cast members mothers’.   There is no better feeling than performing very rudimentary tasks and having people be overly impressed and genuinely appreciative.

Just when I was feeling like the tallest midget these moms made me feel intelligent and useful, at least for a few minutes.

Thanks Mom(s)

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