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OMG Charlie Darwin part 2

December 5, 2010

It embarrasses me to live in an age when our greatest scientific minds have to waste their time arguing against the ridiculous supernatural nonsense spewed by ignorant religious fundamentalists. – here we go again!

The Following is NOT a Paradoy! It is real, look it up.

Republican congressman John Shimkus the leading candidate to chair the powerful House Energy Committee refers to the Bible and God on the issue of global warming. Shimkus insists we shouldn’t concerned about the planet being destroyed because God promised Noah it wouldn’t happen again after the great flood.

The Illinois Republican continued: ‘I believe that is the infallible word of God, and that’s the way it is going to be for his creation.

‘The earth will end only when God declares its time to be over. Man will not destroy this earth. This earth will not be destroyed by a flood.

He added: ‘Today we have about 388 parts per million in the atmosphere. I think in the age of dinosaurs, when we had the most flora and fauna, we were probably at 4,000 parts per million. There is a theological debate that this is a carbon-starved planet — not too much carbon. And the cost of a cap-and-trade on the poor is now being discovered.’

The Republican is a vocal opponent to President Obama’s American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 – the so-called ‘cap-and-trade’ Bill, aimed at limiting carbon emissions.


Its Changed Everything

November 5, 2010

I have frequently read motivational statements about near death experiences and how they instantly change ones outlook on life.   My personal favorite is actually a lyric from the song “Shape of my Heart” by Noah and the Whale.  Download Song Here

Oh when the wild was all covered by snow,
I forgot the colours that the grass tend to grow.
Oh the trees were all leafless,
And lifeless and black,
And I wondered if the leaves could grow back

For your heart is like a flower as it grows,
And its the rain, not just the sun that helps it bloom,
And you don’t know how it feels to be alive,
Until you know how it feels to die

I foolishly thought that I was intelligent enough to grasp this concept abstractly and even tried to manufacture this or similar affirmations as motivation prior to undertaking a bold move.

I could never conjure up the adjectives to aptly explain it, but I recently had an experience which made these sentiments tangible.

It lasted only a couple of seconds but its changed everything.



November Blue

November 3, 2010

November Blue a six song mini-mix of songs I am currently playing on repeat.

Click here to download

1.  Fake Empire – The National. A couple years old, easily one of my all-time favorite songs.

2.  Survival – The Colorful Quiet.  I don’t know anything about the band except that this song is just where I think I have been.

3.  One Day Loneliness (live) – Jaymay.  I love this girl, she releases music constantly and wears her lyrics on her sleeve.

4.  November Blue (live)  – The Avett Brothers. Another great band, if you ever have a chance to see them live, do it!

5. What a Pity – Right Away, Great Captain. I choose not to publicly comment.

6. Mr. Tambourine Man – Cloud Cult. As it starts you think its just a Bob Dylan cover  but these guys steal the song and bring it to winter.  If you listen in the right state of mind you may find yourself dancing and singing with tears in your eyes.  You’ll see what I mean.

…Maimone Mixtake


Falling for you

October 31, 2010

For 26 months I have been Chronically The Fall on this site.  It began in the summer of 2008, intended as a newsletter home while I was on tour.   If you look back in the early archives you’ll notice that I posted actual events.  I suppose in that regard this site has changed drastically.

In two years I have published 355 posts*, most from tour buses, hotels and airports.  Some of these posts were inside jokes, others mildly topical, but most were thinly veiled attempts to validate my ego and/or serve as my pathetic attempt to publicly cry for help.  

* It should be noted that I would have had 360 posts however in the Spring of 2009 I was court ordered to remove a few and even got charged with contempt of court.  As you can likely deduct these posts were really good, just not quite good enough to go to jail for. “If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative” (Woody Allen)

I am genuinely flattered and thankful that anyone takes the time to check out what I have to say and frankly I am amazed at just how many of you have (according to stat tracker its over 61,000 total views).  Thank you!

Finally, you might have noticed that I have never publicly posted reader comments, yet people keep writing in, I have gotten hundreds of messages – most are from my Mom and generally they have nothing whatsoever to do with the site “….Honey, don’t forget to call your Aunt, it’s her birthday on Tuesday and my computer is acting up again, I think I have a virus”

Falling for you


Hipster Hitler

October 26, 2010

On occasion I enjoy visiting a website aptly titled Hipster Hitler.

This is essentially a comic strip mockery of hipsters which features a young hip Adolf, wearing graphic tees that combine both Nazi and hipster lingo.  You will be laughing so hard that you’ll forget to be offended.

This weeks installment hit a bit too close to home as I actually purchased my fixed gear (fixie) bike on Craigslist.


Cat Found! Please call if its yours

October 21, 2010


Injustice in West Memphis

October 20, 2010

Outside of snide cynical swipes I do not post items of political or social importance.  Last night I began to read about the West Memphis Three and I was overcome with frustration.

Brief summary, Three young boys were found dead in West Memphis Arkansas back in 1993.  Three high school kids, who dressed in black and did not fit in with the others were arrested for this crime.  Based on no evidence or motive and in spite of contradictory DNA findings two of the teens were sentenced to life in prison without parole, the other was given the death penalty.

In the past 17 years a mountain of evidence has come to light showing how this community rigged juries, bullied witnesses and ignored (or lost) all evidence which would have cleared the teens (or embarrassed Arkansas authorities).

Even the families of the victims are pleading for justice in the form of re-trying or freeing the West Memphis Three.

If you Google “West Memphis Three” you will find books written about this (most notably “The Devil’s Knot”), celebrity pleas (from artists such as Johnny Depp, Dixie Chicks & Eddie Vedder) as well as dozens of websites dedicated to the injustices, cover-ups and back door dealings of the Arkansas legal system.

This is the particular article that drew me in


If I had Facebook

October 13, 2010

“If I Had Facebook” is the title of my long running photo gallery comprised of the images that I would publicly share if I had a Facebook account, which of course I do not have.

However if I ever did have a Facebook page it would likely look this.


Perhaps the best online news story of the year

October 10, 2010

I don’t support chaos, but I can understand how an individual might feel bullied and powerless, yearning to take down the entire system.  The following story is an outstanding example of an individual with the wit and balls to refuse injustice and fight back.  The following was found on

“Most of the time, if you get a speeding ticket you just grumble about it and pay the fine. It’s usually not a big deal for most people unless it happens a lot or they get caught going a ridiculous amount over the posted speed limit. You can fight it in court or just pay the ticket, and for most people those are the only options.

However, after receiving a $90 speeding ticket in Bluff City, Tennessee, Brian McCrary discovered a third option. The Bluff City Police Department had forgotten to renew their domain name,, and let it expire. McCrary bought the domain name for $80 and posted his side of the story with information about speed traps in Bluff City and the $250,000 per month they cost the town’s 1,500 residents.

The police department had no idea their domain name had expired and that McCrary owned it until reporters started calling them to ask about it. Bluff City Police Chief David Nelson said they may approach McCrary about buying the domain back from him, but they are not optimistic.

McCrary’s goal is to get enough attention to put pressure on the local government to remove the traffic enforcement cameras in Bluff City.”


Zip Kids (a short video)

September 21, 2010

Advance Warning: I have made exactly no videos so watch at your own risk.  If you are my sister (the mother of the two kids whom I poorly supervise throughout the short video) I suggest you skip this one all together or just remember that I am “Bad Uncle Dan” for a reason.

Zip Kids


incomplete! insecure?

September 11, 2010

Brand new ten song mixtake.  Tracks, playlist and associated artwork included


What I miss about having a cat

September 6, 2010

This may sound strange and maybe no one can relate but I used to lay in bed at night and sometimes I would swear I could feel  the weight of the cat gently walking across the foot of the bed – the only reason I knew I had imagined these phantom feline footsteps is because my particular cat was double pawed and not very subtle.  When he was on the bed…  you knew it.


William Fitzsimmons

August 31, 2010

William Fitzsimmons is a strange guy, hard to look at…. sort of an unruly beard and undefined flannel cladded lump of a body but the guy will break your heart with his beautiful songs and tender knowing voice.

This is the cheap version of his story:  Born to two blind parents (William can see) he grew up in a home which completely lacked visual stimuli, no board games, TV, etc….  William went to school, moved to NYC and became a psychotherapist for four years until he found himself divorced and disillusioned with his chosen path.  Assuming nothing would happen he put his pain on paper, added some gentle piano and guitar and an indie star is born.

Check him out on Pandora, LastFM or iTunes


You can click this link and download “Goodmorning”


Drunk History

July 17, 2010

I don’t watch TV so this may be old news or maybe this wasn’t on TV.  Regardless its good….really really good!

Some hysterically drunk woman is telling her version of history which is acted out by Zooey Deschanel, Will Ferell and Don Cheadle.

Worth checking out


Injustices caught on tape

July 10, 2010

Yesterday I saw two videos which infuriated me.

The first was a cell phone video of the police officer who in cold blood murdered an unarmed and fully restrained civilian by “accidentally” shooting him in the back with his gun at point blank range.  Check it out

The second was an HBO movie “You Don’t Know Jack” about the life of Dr. Kevorkian, starring Al Pacino who delivered a spot-on performance.

Dr. Kevorkian was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 25 years in prison for providing terminally ill patients an opportunity to ease their pain and die with dignity.

In contrast the cop was given a mere 2 years for involuntary manslaughter.

Please watch the video and if you are mad, shout


Training Wheels

July 4, 2010

I felt honored to witness (and capture on video) my niece Samantha’s first bike ride without training wheels.  Click here to watch


Is it gay that I loved this?

June 27, 2010

click to watch


This is an actual website

May 19, 2010

I created a minor montage just to give you a flavor.

The name sums this one up. SKETCHYBUNNIES.COM

Sketchy Bunnies


RE: Whose Spider is that?

December 8, 2009

Click on this picture and read the entire email thread (don’t worry, its short).  This is laugh so hard you almost puke hilarious, read it twice if you don’t agree.  Enjoy!

RE: Whose Spider is that?


Mad as Hell (video)

November 30, 2009

You may recognize the sound byte, “I’m as Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to Take This Anymore” but perhaps you haven’t heard the quote in its full context.  Check out this clip, its short and clever.  I found it interesting how the issues which frustrated our society 30 years ago are in large part unchanged.

Note:  Make sure you have the volume turned on (yes Mom, I might be talking to you)



October 27, 2009

I frequently joke that I am the most dumbest one at my company and outside of the occasional “you have different skills”, my co-workers usually counter my claim with silent affirmation.  I don’t feel bad about this fact since most of the guys I work with are pretty much rocket surgeons.  Anyway this site I found is so freakin smart that it puts even them to shame.

Its called GROUND ZERO, its not really a  proper website, more of a bastardized use of Google Earth.

Essentially you choose a location, in my example I chose Manchester NH,  then you click on a type of nuclear weapon (or Asteroid) and then check out the real life fallout map.  That’s right, no more wondering what would happen if your hometown were to be nuked, see it for yourself.




For demonstration purposes only I chose to drop “Little Boy” (first used on Hiroshima in 1945) on Elm St. in Manchester.


Absolutely No Pretenses

October 26, 2009

fuckup_fucktardAn entire website based on the simple principle of putting the F-word on or near everyday items.  I suppose if you own the URL what else would do?


Best of 09

October 18, 2009

As stated earlier, Elvis Perkins is my favorite recording artist in 2009.  Now I am prepared to announce my favorite song of 2009.

“Bless This Mess” by David Bazan (click to download track)

This song is at once both fairly complicated and immediately accessible, perfectly suited for the repeat button. The lyrics paint a somewhat desperate picture of an alcoholic father (apparently failing at his recovery) attempting to integrate into his family’s lives.

Although I am neither a parent or an alcoholic I find myself almost wishing I was both so I could enjoy this even more.



You Should Have Seen This

August 30, 2009

Some dude compiled this  brilliant collection of internet classics


“99 things you should have already experienced on the internet  unless you are a loser or old or something”


Emails From an Asshole

August 15, 2009

If you have a few free moments and enjoy “Reality Humor” then I suggest you check out

Basically it’s a homemade blog-styleed website consisting of low-brow email pranks some guy played on the unsuspecting and  gulliable Craiglist posters.   You will either pee your pants laughing or just think I am creepy for loving it, but check it out!



Paste Magazine is the Reason

July 12, 2009

Paste Magazine is the primary reason that people think I have good taste in music.

For years I have been singing the praises of Paste Magazine.  They have consistently covered the “non-mainstream” music (movie, book, art) scene in a smart and thoughtful manner.   I have listened to more albums, seen more movies…. hell I ecen produced my only magazine, because of the influence that Paste Magazine has had on me.

When the economy tanked and the magazine racks began to shrink, Paste was of the magazine’s which had to discontinue their normal production.  However Paste has always stood off the traditional path and avoided the trappings of “conventional” thinking.   Instead of simply closing their doors, Paste Magazine has instead chosen to hunker down and weather the storm in a more organic (so to speak) manner.

Right now Paste is available online at  for a very small monthly fee ($.99) you can download a digital copy of the magazine as well as a bunch of free music (another truly incredible value that Paste always gave to their readers).   This is likely wise,  not only because of the sluggish economy and inherent knowledge that PRINT IS DEAD,  but because their target audience is online and likely somewhat conscious of environmental issues inherent to producing and distributing a conventional magazine.

Also, Paste recently launched the “Save Paste” movement, where you make a donation, ($25) which grants you access to the Paste digital vault, allowing you to download up to 75 rare and exclusive songs. These are quality songs, donated by artists as an effort to keep Paste active.

In my life I cannot recall having ever made a single monetary donation,  or perhaps  I wasn’t properly motivated, but the 75 free songs and knowing that I am helping those who have given me so much pleasure in the past was $25 of the best dollars I have ever spent.



Nice Ego Steve!

July 8, 2009

This is a photo of my co-worker  Steve, outside of his room.  It appears that he is making a giant poster of himself out of regular sheets of paper.


In reality Steve is cleaning up a prank played on him by yours truly.   Come to think of it Steve doesn’t look very happy in this photo.


Twist (the cuddle club mix)

May 4, 2009

Suck as I may, there are a few belongings that I have managed to hang onto.  One of them is my prized, gignournous and  constantly expanding music library, tagged, optimized and cover arted.

Besides collecting this stuff I also listen to it, and on occasion I have been known to toss together a mix tape.   Today qualifies as an occasion.

Twist (the cuddle club mix)

Twist  (the cuddle club mix) is dedicated to the art of spooning without trying to fork.   It contains twenty songs, all released in the last 2 years.  Some of the artists may be familiar, hopefully the songs will be new!   The mix will take up about an hour of your time and about 90mb of your hard drive.  I aimed to provide a collection of songs for a hopeful spring day.    Let me know if you have any favorites.

click on link for free download

click on link for free download

You can download the mix for free by clicking any of these words.  Once the file is downloaded (its a single zip file) open the file and import the music into itunes or whatever you prefer.


Looking for some new music?

April 20, 2009

I highly recommend “On My Way” from Cocoon. Its one of those songs that is both easy on the ears and has you reaching to hit repeat over and over.

They win additional points for having one of the best album titles I have heard in a while … “My Friends All Died in a Plane Crash”

Just click the link and enjoy!


Unique Truth

March 23, 2009
Just because you are unique does not mean you are useful
...and don't you forget it!

...and don't you forget it!